A former member of a famous girl group that used to win music show No.1 many times explained about their dorm fight in the past

Zinger, a former member of famous girl group Secret, explained the video of their past dorm fight.

On September 30th, the Youtube channel “Recent Update Olympics” uploaded a video titled “‘Secret’s dorm fight? That was 100% acting’… Current situation of a member of the girl group that won music show No.1”.

In the released video, Zinger was asked about the “dorm fight video”, which made headlines when Secret was still active. In 2009, Zinger drew attention as she was shown having a conflict with member Jeon Hyo-sung at their dorm on a reality program.

Zinger laughed and said, “A lot of people asked me about this. I will tell you what happened exactly. This scene is 100% acting. At that time, the director said, ‘Let’s create a picture here. Fight’, so we just replied ‘Okay’ and fought. I think I should have become an actress”.

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Zinger explained, “Many think my personality is like that. Saying things like ‘Am I an animal?’ in front of the camera doesn’t make sense at all. But if you look at that scene, I look like a real villain.”


Recalling the time when Secret disbanded, Zinger said, “We wanted to continue our group activities”, adding “There was no problem between the members. We just went our separate ways. Isn’t there a thing called ‘7-year curse’ among girl groups? There was also a season for contract renewals”.


Zinger, who has prepared a solo album since the group’s disbandment but repeatedly suffered setbacks, changed her current stage name to Jeong Ha-na and revealed that she’s preparing for more entertainment activities. She said, “Many people have forgotten me since I took a long hiatus, so I think I should let my name be known first. That’s why I want to do a lot of variety shows to find back my sense. I think it’s better to present the music I want to do after more people recognize me.”


Meanwhile, Zinger made her debut in the four-member girl group Secret in 2009 together with Han Sun-hwa, Jeon Hyo-sung and Song Ji-eun. They used to be a very popular girl group and even topped music shows with numerous hit songs, such as “Magic”, “Madonna”, “Shy Boy”, and “Starlight Moonlight”.

Source: wikitree

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