BTS V Surpasses 14 Million Followers on Spotify, Tops Global Charts

BTS V boasts top-tier global popularity by surpassing 14 million followers on the world’s largest music streaming platform, Spotify.

On July 17th, BTS V surpassed 14 million followers on Spotify. Among K-pop soloists, he ranks third after J-Hope and RM, and sixth overall including groups.

V recorded the highest increase in followers among K-pop soloists in 2022 and also achieved the highest increase among soloists in June.

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This achievement was made with only three OST songs, without a solo album or mixtape, indicating that V’s music is receiving a lot of love from global music fans.

According to ChartMasters, there are only 182 global artists with over 10 million followers on Spotify, and V ranks 122nd, proving his strong influence in the global music market.

All the songs registered on V’s Spotify page are K-OSTs, including “Christmas Tree,” “Sweet Night,” and “Even If I Die, It’s You.” He has surpassed 800 million streams in total on Spotify with these three K-OSTs. 

bts v

V’s warm and emotional vocals are praised for enhancing the immersion of K-drama viewers, occupying the top two spots for most streamed K-OSTs on Spotify.

V has been consistently releasing his own unique music, different from BTS’ music, and proving his capabilities as a singer-songwriter. Fans have high expectations for V’s upcoming solo album.

When V’s Spotify followers surpassed 14 million, the hashtag #TaehyungSpotify14M trended worldwide in real-time, and ’14 MILLION FOR V’ took the second spot, as fans celebrate this achievement.

Source: Nate. 

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