From Lee Hyori to SEVENTEEN, NCT 127 and IVE: K-Pop Big Players Are Returning in October

After the Chuseok holiday, powerful artists are gathering in the K-pop scene for October, from top idol groups to soloists

About 20 groups, including SEVENTEEN, NCT 127, TXT, and IVE, have officially announced their comebacks in October. When you include solo artists, there are nearly thirty K-pop artists with comebacks this October.

◇ Will Lee Hyori’s Return a Challenge for Idols on the Charts?

lee hyori

Lee Hyori is releasing a new song after six years. This is her first release since joining Antenna Entertainment. Lee Hyori is set to release her digital single, “Hoodie and Shorts,” on October 12th, promising to reveal her enduring charm in this ever-changing era.

◇ NCT 127 vs. SEVENTEEN, TXT vs. IVE, A Clash of Major Groups

Two of the most popular 3rd gen boy groups, NCT 127 and SEVENTEEN, dominant in physical album sales, are set to compete fiercely in October.

NCT 127 will kick off their competition with the release of their 5th full-length album, “Fact Check,” on October 6th. With a total of 9 tracks, they are prepared to showcase their unique music style and powerful performances. The title track, “Fact Check,” carries NCT 127’s expanded musical spectrum, expressing an attitude that there is nothing to fear when we “fact check” ourselves.

SEVENTEEN, who achieved great success with their mini 10th album “FML” in April, will be returning on October 23rd with their mini 11th album, “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN,” which symbolizes a “happiest state.”

On October 13th, 4th gen powerhouses TXT and IVE will have a simultaneous comeback, offering a showdown between boy and girl groups. IVE, who achieved success with hits like “Kitsch” and “I AM” earlier this year returns after six months with their first mini album, “I’VE MINE,” featuring triple title tracks such as “Either Way,” “Off the Record,” and “Baddie.” IVE plans to prove their upgraded musical growth with this release.


BTS’s junior group TXT will aso release their 3rd full album, “THE NAME CHAPTER : FREEFALL,” showcasing their global influence after successful stadium and dome concerts during their second world tour, as well as headlining the massive U.S. music festival Lollapalooza in August. TXT’s attendance at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards further solidified their global presence, and their new release is highly anticipated.

◇ Over 20 Confirmed Comebacks, Schedules Piled Up Due to Chuseok Holiday and Asian Games Aftermath

On October 4th, ONF and EPEX will release albums simultaneously, marking the end of ONF’s approximately two-year military service hiatus. They will release their seventh mini album, “Love Effect,” and promote the title track of the same name.

EPEX, on the other hand, will release their sixth EP, “Prelude of Anxiety 2: Can We Surrender?” With pre-orders surpassing 260,000 copies, EPEX is breaking their own records and expanding their influence with successful concerts in various regions worldwide.

On October 11th, JYP’s rookie band Xdinary Heroes will release their fourth mini-album, “Livelock,” featuring songs written and composed by the members. Cube’s girl group LIGHTSUM will also break a long 1 year and 5-month hiatus on the same day with their second mini-album, “Honey or Spice.”

Additionally, Kingdom, UNI.T, ELRIS, Just B, Ghost9, Kep1er, Billlie, and Ailee, among others, have announced comebacks in October.

A music industry insider commented, “As the holiday season ends and we approach the end of the year, major idol groups preparing for concerts and world tours are releasing albums one after another. Due to the Asian Games and Chuseok holidays, many comeback schedules were delayed. With so many groups coming back in October, it’s expected to be a fierce competition.”

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