Infinite’s Sunggyu makes surprise appearance at a fan couple’s wedding

Infinite’s Sunggyu gave a special gift to his fans who were getting married

On Nov 10th, a video of Kim Sunggyu’s surprise singing performance at the wedding of a fan couple was uploaded on his personal YouTube channel.

The video began with a VCR video that played during Kim Sunggyu’s solo concert “[LV] (Light & Voice)” held in April last year. A story was revealed about a man who became a “Sunggyu Metropolitan City citizen (Kim Sunggyu’s official fanclub name)” due to his girlfriend, an enthusiastic Sunggyu fan. Kim Sunggyu promised, “If the two of you get married, I’ll sing a congratulatory song.”

The Sunggyu Metropolitan City citizen couple got married last month. Despite a busy schedule with an evening performance on the wedding day, Kim Sunggyu expressed his deep fan love by keeping his promise to sing for the fans.

While on the way to the wedding venue, Kim Sunggyu shared his thoughts, “The bride doesn’t know that I’ll be singing. It’s fascinating that a fan who’s been with me from her childhood is getting married already.

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The highly anticipated wedding began, and Kim Sunggyu appeared unexpectedly. He sang the title track “True Love” from his first solo full album “10 Stories” released in 2018. With a sincere song, he filled the wedding with a concert-like atmosphere.

After the congratulatory performance, Kim Sunggyu stayed until the end of the wedding and even took commemorative photos with the couple. During the couple’s procession, Kim Sunggyu’s solo song “Savior” played as background music.

Having given the fan couple unforgettable memories, Kim Sunggyu sincerely congratulated them, “Congratulations again on your marriage. I hope you’ll be happy for a long, long time.” He expressed gratitude, “Thank you for allowing me to have such a precious experience.”

Meanwhile, Kim Sunggyu’s group Infinite made a comeback to the music scene in July with their 7th mini album “13egin” after about 5 years as a whole.

Source: Nate

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