When “Master of trickery” puts his bangs down, his image changes 180 degrees… Shaking women’s hearts

“Master of trickery” Joo Jong-hyuk’s unique charm is shaking women’s hearts.

On the morning of August 12th, a post titled “Master of trickery Joo Jong-hyuk suddenly becomes younger with his bangs down” was uploaded on the Internet community theqoo.

The post, written by netizen A, was full of pictures of actor Joo Jong-hyuk and praises for him.

In the photos, Joo Jong-hyuk is showing his cute charm, unlike his role Kwon Min-woo in ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“.

joo jong hyuk

A wrote, “When (Joo Jong-hyuk) has bangs, the image similar to comedian Yang Se-chan disappears. The mole on his nose is especially attractive.”

A continued, “I wish he’d put down his bangs in other works in the future.”

A added that Joo Jong-hyuk had conditions for success, “He went to school in New Zealand, so he can speak English well. He also has a good physique with a height of 183cm.”

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Netizens who saw this post responded positively to Joo Jong-hyuk, such as “He’s really my taste when he has bangs” and “His English pronunciation is good because he studied abroad.”

Source: wikitree

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