The humming at the start of NewJeans’ “Ditto” was actually sung by a member

It has been revealed that the humming voice in the introduction of NewJeans’ song “Ditto” actually belongs to a group member.

Released on December 19th, NewJeans’ pre-release song “Ditto” gained great popularity as soon as it was released, taking 1st place on major music sites. In addition, the humming voice “Woo woo woo woo ooh” at the beginning of the song drew attention and was praised for adding to the dreamy atmosphere of the song. 

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As a result, some people even suspected that the humming was recorded separately by a different singer and not a member of New Jeans.

However, as it turns out, it was NewJeans’ youngest member Hyein that was behind this characteristic humming. This was revealed on December 23rd via the communication app “Phoning”, which is dedicated to NewJeans. In particular, Hyein said, “Everyone! Did you listen to ‘Ditto’? Isn’t that humming part so good in the beginning? When I hear that, something makes me cry. Since I worked so hard to deliver such a feeling, I felt very emotional when I first heard it. I did that humming part!! I worked hard on that!!”. 

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Meanwhile, New Jeans’ “Ditto” is gaining overwhelming popularity all over the world. According to Spotify’s latest chart, “Ditto” has recorded 11,470,885 streams and ranked 22nd in the global “Daily Top Song” (as of December 21st). 

The song also topped the “Daily Top Song’ chart in 6 countries and regions, including Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam. It also ranked 2nd in Malaysia, 5th in Indonesia, 7th in the Philippines, and 9th in Saudi Arabia.

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In addition, “Ditto”, which entered the US Daily Top Song at 199th, has since climbed 117 places to 82nd, showing a steep rise.

Source: wikitree

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