Netizens compare ITZY’s, (G)I-DLE’s and BLACKPINK’s Knowing Bros outfits

Looking at ITZY, Mi Yeon, Nancy, and Black Pink’s Knowing Bros uniforms, you can see the difference in ‘level’ between their outfits.

After ITZY’s images on the way to the Knowing Bros studio spread online, a detail of the group’s outfits caught the attention of TheQoo users.  Korean netizens believe that everything about ITZY is fine, except for the wrinkles on the skirt.  ITZY’s appearance is reduced in elegance when wearing pleated dresses that are not straightened.

ITZY disappointed the audience when wearing rumpled skirts while filming Knowing Bros.

Yuna elegantly stroked her hair but looking at her wrinkled skirt, many fans lose their mood

Netizens criticize ITZY’s stylist for not properly preparing the girls’ outfits.

Although it is only a small detail, the wrinkles on the outfits can still become a defect in the appearance of the idols.

ITZY was not the only group that had a problem with their crumpled uniform while filming ‘Knowing Bros.’  Mi Yeon and Yuqi (G) I-DLE once disappointed fans when wearing wrinkled skirts at the recording session in October 2020.

Nancy (Momoland),Do Yeon (Weki Meki), Eun Ha and Umji (GFriend) also encountered similar outfits.

While recording Knowing Bros, also wearing school uniforms, however, Black Pink proves the class of a top Kpop girl group.

Thick pleated skirt help Black Pink avoid the ugly wrinkles like other female idols.

The YG female group also mixes more eye-catching accessories and items to raise the level of the normal uniform sets. 

Black Pink is always the most stylish and luxurious girl group in Kpop.

When appearing at Knowing Bros in March, Rosé caused audiences to be shock. Her school uniform outfit coated more than most people pay to go to school. The total price (skirt and socks not included) was ₩14.2 million (about $12,500).

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