BTS Jimin heated up the Japanese archipelago by showing his ‘stage genius’ aspect

BTS Jimin heated up the Japanese archipelago by exhibiting the ‘stage genius’ aspect with his immaculate appearance, performance, and ear-melting vocal.

BTS appeared on TBS’s CDTV ‘Live! Live!’ on the 21st and performed the English single ‘Butter’. On this day, the main dancer and lead vocalist of BTS – Jimin led the praise by giving a new vibe of performance and attitude according to the costume and style for each stage.

Jimin came back with a new classic styling and having black hair flipped back, revealing a masculine hairline and forehead line.

With the matching cream-colored suit, gold pearl-pointed outfit and gold shoes, he catched all eyes like a prince in a fairy tale.

Jimin, who always changes facial expressions and gestures according to styling, appeared on this stage with a chic expression from the beginning, and showed a fantastic dance line, sophisticated performance, and perfection to the details.

The fact that Jimin still managed to move to the side while taking charge of the high-pitched part proved once again that he is the best singer and dancer. He captivated all eyes and ears with his undisturbed live and charming vocal.

In the mirror choreography of ‘111’ (1 minute 11 seconds), which is called the killing part of ‘Butter’, while singing, Jimin moves quickly to the side and shoots an intense shot. This part changes every time for each stage.

Jimin, who took the 1st place in boy group’s personal brand reputation for 30 consecutive months, made legends on every “butter” stage. It showed his huge impact on the popularity of the team.

As if to prove this, right after the stage, “Jimin” keyword in global and Japanese Google search engines reached 100% and became a hot topic.

Fans said, “The prince sends me a kiss”, “I totally thought a Disney prince was on stage”, “Jimin’s stage is always thrilling”, “Jimin’s ad-lib is the highlight of the butter performance”, “The doll is dancing Yes,” and so on.

Meanwhile, ‘Butter’ surpassed the record of ‘Dynamite’ for 3 weeks and topped the US Billboard single chart ‘Hot 100’ for 4 weeks in a row,, writing a new history of K-pop.

Source: Nate

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