MAMAMOO Hwasa: “Will all these end if I die?”

Hwasa honestly confessed her feelings about malicious comments in wavve’s original MAMAMOO documentary “MMM_Where are we now” released on March 25th.


Kim Do-hoon, a music producer and CEO of MAMAMOO‘s agency RBW, shared, “Hwasa was chubbier back then as compared to now. There are people who found it favorable because they think she will achieve something in the future. But people with a conservative point of view said, ‘Ya… I don’t feel good about her, I don’t think she can’t make it.’ In the world’s point of view, many people often judge women on their beauty standards.”


He added, “My thoughts change every day when I look at it. Sometimes I have thoughts of ‘Well, humans are like that’. There were times when I would just accept it naturally. And sometimes, I will just go ‘I’m going to kill all of them’. And I will just get really angry. But those people, rather than hating the other party, it’s like when you’re stressed, you’ll vent out your anger right?”

At that time, Hwasa had an unhappy time with malicious comments related to her appearance. The female singer said, “I just thought that it’s a misfortune. I even had this thought ‘Will all these end if I die?'”


Hwasa, who has spent a painful time under the unwanted modifier “issue maker”, is receiving support from fans for her honest confession.

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