Sandara Park mentions her past popularity, “No.1 ideal type among male celebrities until Suzy”

2NE1 member Sandara Park talked about her extraordinary popularity in the past.

The July 20th broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “Cultwo Show” featured the guest appearance of Sandara Park, who recently released her first solo album “SANDARA PARK”.

Sandara Park

In the past, Sandara Park once made headlines when she said, “I was the No.1 ideal type among male celebrities until Suzy appeared”. Regarding her past remark, the female singer said, “If you look up the articles back in 2009, it was a fact. ‘Many junior and senior artists picked Sandara Park as their ideal type’, there were several articles like that. But a year later, Suzy made her debut.”

Sandara Park

When asked if she remembered who picked her as their ideal type, Sandara Park replied, “There were so many”, but did not disclose any specific names. Regarding the anecdote that a famous celebrity flirted with her, Sandara Park admitted, “That’s true, but I can’t reveal the name”.

When the MC asked Sandara Park to hint at his jobs, whether he was a singer, actor, or comedian, the female singer said, “Because many singers also act”, implying that he is a singer-actor. Kim Tae Kyun guessed, “So that person was a singer who also acts”, and Sandara Park did not deny it. Han Hae concluded, “He must be an all-around artist.”

Source: Nate

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