Wi Ha Joon expressed his feelings about acting as Lee Byung Hun’s brother in “Squid Game”

Actor Wi Ha Joon recently shared his thoughts about working with Lee Byung Hun in this hot Netflix drama.

In a video interview held on September 30, Wi Ha Joon shared, “When I knew I was going to act as senior actor Lee Byung Hun’s brother, I got so excited to the point that I kept on trembling until the day we met at the filming set.”


Wi Ha Jun continued and expressed his gratitude towards Lee Byung Hun, “It was such an honor. He’s the senior that I really admire and respect. When we filmed together, I felt it was even more amazing than I had expected. I was touched because he took care of me even in real life when we are off-screen.”

When asked if there would be a prequel (a sequel that deals with the timeline ahead of the story in the current movie) for “Squid Game” because many fans were really curious about the story of Jun Ho and his brother, the actor answered, “Although I don’t have any thought about this, I would be really happy if Jun Ho could come back alive and talk about his brother.”


Regarding Jun Ho’s survival, he said, “I really hope that Jun Ho could survive, but I can’t expect anything. Only the director knows about his true ending. I have a big desire and want to appear in season 2.”

Source: naver

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