IVE Ahn Yu Jin, “I grew taller and is currently 173cm tall… I give a perfect score for my physical”

Ahn Yu Jin, a member of the girl group IVE, revealed her current height and graded herself.

Ahn Yu Jin appeared in a video uploaded on the Youtube channel of Harper’s BAZAAR Korea on January 26th. The female idol introduced herself honestly through a Q&A section.

Ahn Yujin

When asked about her height, Ahn Yu Jin shared, “I recently measured it again and it was 173cm. I thought I was 172cm tall, but it turned out to be 173cm”.

Regarding her nickname “clear-eyed madman”, Ahn Yu Jin laughed and said, “It sounds special. ‘Clear-eyed’ and ‘madman’ don’t seem to match but kind of do!”.

Ahn Yujin

In response to the question, “Do you know you are called ‘the idol with the hexagonal balance’?”, Ahn Yu Jin said, “I do”. She then graded herself by drawing her own hexagonal report card on a scale of 5.

Giving 3 points for variety shows, 4 points for characteristic, 5 points for visual, 5 points for physical, 5 points for dancing, and 5 points for singing, Ahn Yu Jin completed her chart with a shape that is close to a hexagon. 

Source: Naver

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