BTS J-Hope donated 100 million won to help vulnerable children

Donations from stars to children in need still continue during this year-end time.

On December 31st, the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, a representative organization for children’s protection, announced that BTS J-Hope had delivered 100 million won in donations to underprivileged children in Korea. This donation will be used to cover heating and medical expenses for children in low-income families and shelters.

J-Hope was named in the Green Noble Club, a group of high-value donors from the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, in 2018, starting with a donation of 150 million for training talented children. Including the donation this time, it is said that J-Hope has donated a total of 800 million won to domestic and foreign children.

BTS J-Hope the Green Noble

J-Hope said, “I was worried that children, who have been suffering from the economic downturn and several problems due to the current pandemic, might have to go through a cold and lonely year-end time”, adding, “I hope the children will be able to spend a warm winter with this donation.”

Donations from stars during the pandemic spread continues. Accordingly, the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation also received donations from other artists, such as Simon Dominic, actress Kim Na-woon, etc. In addition, fans also participated in donating to continue the good influence of stars. Several fanclubs of celebrities, such as, Park Seo-joon, Lim Young-woong, and Young-tak, delivered donations to aid children in need.

Chairman of the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation Lee Je-hoon thanked the donors, saying, “I would like to express my gratitude once again to our sponsors for giving our children a warm end of the year.”


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