BTS’ hit “Butter,” which was recently cleared of plagiarism allegations, has caused controversy since it sounds similar to a song by a Dutch artist?

The controversies surrounding BTS’s hit “Butter” continued to break out, but Big Hit Music was quick to give a response.

Not long ago, the song “Butter” that BTS released in May 2021 was accused of plagiarizing Japanese game music, but the author of the game song himself denied the accusations aimed at the “global boy group”.  However, Butter soon got into a new controversy.  This time, Dutch artist Luca Debonaire thinks that BTS’s hit has a similar melody to his song You Got Me Down, released in 2020.


You Got Me Down’s original composer was Adri Blok, however, this is Luca Debonaire’s real name.  Responding to a fan’s comment, this artist said: “Yes I know, I bought a topline from Sebastian Garcia in 2019, the BTS’s production is a 1:1 copy”.

After researching, fans confirmed that the song “You Got Me Down” was listed on the EDM database called Beatport.  Meanwhile, those honored in the credits of the song Butter include Jenna Andrews, Rob Grimaldi, Stephen Kirk, Alex Bilowitz, Sebastian Garcia, Ron Perry, and RM – leader of BTS.

Because a part in Butter and You Got Me Down has similarities, netizens have vehemently argued.  Some fans believe that Luca Debonaire and the composers behind deliberately caused a stir to take advantage of BTS’s global reputation.  Also, musician Sebastian Garcia – who sold the topline to the Dutch artist is also in the credits of the hit Butter, and it seems Garcia used the copy one.

In addition, some netizens claimed that Big Hit Music was supposedly “reporting” and “taking measures” to delete various articles or community posts about the ongoing issue.  However, BTS’s agency quickly denied the plagiarism allegations and pointed out that the creator of the controversial song/melody was included in Butter’s credits.

Big Hit Music concluded: “It has been confirmed that there are no copyright issues regarding Butter. It is a song that was finalized and released after undergoing a process of confirming with all songwriters that there are no issues with the song, and there are also no issues currently regarding the song’s rights. However, we are aware of the claim that there is an issue regarding copyrights, but even if that is the case, the musical rights still belong to Butter.”

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