First still cuts of Girls’ Generation’s Yoona in upcoming drama “Big Mouth” unveiled 

Yoona transforms into a nurse in “Big Mouth”. 

MBC’s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth” released the first still cuts of Girls’ Generation’s Yoona on June 20th. Yoona took the role of the drama’s female lead, Go Miho. 

yoona big mouse

“Big Mouth” tells the story of Park Changho, a lawyer who accidentally gets involved in a murder case. He becomes “Big Mouse”, a rare genius con artist, and uncovers the true colors of the privileged class.

Go Miho is a nurse and the wife of Park Changho (Lee Jong Suk). She has a strong personality and outstanding beauty. Risking her everything to clear her husband’s frame, she jumps into the case.

Yoona Marie Claire

The released still cuts raise expectations for the drama with Yoona’s portrayal of a passionate nurse caring for her patients. In a photo, Yoona shows off her fierce aura when she is surrounded by reporters. 

The production team of “Big Mouth” said, “Im Yoona is the perfect actress to express the strong mentality of Go Miho, who does not collapse no matter what hardships come.”

big mouse

“Big Mouth” will premiere in July following “Doctor Lawyer”. 

Source: dispatch

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