BLACKPINK’s Lisa flaunts sexy charisma in upcoming radio interview in the US

As expected of the global female idol, every time she shows up, BLACKPINK’s Lisa creates a stir on social media. 

Recently, BLACKPINK’s Lisa has once again proved her top popularity when she went viral on social media after unexpectedly showing up in LA and dyeing her hair pink for the first time since debut. Earlier today (November 11), the “Thai princess” continued to stun fans when sexy photos of her at an interview schedule were posted. 

At the radio, Lisa flaunts her sexy curves by wearing a chest cut-out top and waist cut-out jeans. Her skinny, toned body and tiny ant waist are highlighted. Dressed in a sexy outfit, but the BLACKPINK’s maknae still looks cute as ever because of her cheerful expression. Having both a pretty face and a perfect body, Lisa is truly a “living doll”! 

blackpink lisa
Recently, Lisa has become more mature and attractive. Arriving in the States, Lisa is not hesitant to show off her sexy body by wearing cut-out items 
blackpink lisa
Lisa’s pretty visuals and toned body are emphasized thanks to this outfit. Her new pink hair makes her look even more outstanding. 
blackpink lisa
Not only showing off her eye-catching visuals, Lisa also flaunts her tiny ant waist and curvy hips by wearing a unique cut-out jeans
blackpink lisa
Dressed in a sexy fit, but she still looks cute!


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