A former Chuang contestant stunted the Internet by jumping from his apartment window on livestream 

Media influencer and singer Han Pei Quan attempted suicide on livestream. 

Han Pei Quan is currently the most looked-up name in Chinese showbiz for his allegations towards drug use and suspected suicidal attempt on his livestream. 

han pei quan
Han Pei Quan was suspected to have consumed drugs 

In the morning of August 22nd, on Chinese social media a rumor emerged that male singer and former Chuang contestant Han Pei Quan was using drugs. The situation escalated when television show episodes or scenes with the singer in them were suddenly removed. Moreover, at that time, netizens could not look up his Weibo account. 

While the rumors were stirring on the Internet, Han Pei Quan uploaded a series of posts on his personal account denying all the drug use allegations and declared that he would run tests as proof. Nonetheless, those affirmations did not ease the public as more and more malicious comments continued targeting Han Pei Quan.

On the night of the same day, Han Pei Quan did a livestream to clarify the rumor. He once again affirmed he did not do drugs, against the public disbelief and continuing insults. The singer was soon pushed to the brink of breakdown and growing anxiety. 

Han Pei Quan expressed his suicidal intention: “After I die, the world will apologize. My career will not be there anymore. I will not have a stage to perform. My dear grandma, I promised I would give her the best life for the rest of her life. In this life, I also have a lover. That person consoles and supports me when I feel down and unhappy, yet, I also bring that person a lot of troubles”. 

The 22-year-old singer bowed down to apologize for his fans and the whole netizens. He stressed that this action was not him admitting to the drug use accusation, but was him feeling the malice about him was polluting the Internet and discomforting the public. 

han pei quan
Han Pei Quan was on his knees to apologize to the netizens 

After finishing, the singer stood up and jumped out of the apartment window and disappeared, leaving thousands of his livestream viewers stunted. His Weibo account was suspended afterwards for negative content. 

Recently, the official Weibo account for Beijing police force posted that Han Pei Quan was safely rescued. 

According to Sohu, livestream viewers informed the police about the event and the police forces and rescue team were at the scene immediately. 

han pei quan
Han Pei Quan rushed out to his window, attempting to take his own life on livestream 

Han Pei Quan was born in 2000 with a difficult family background. He was abandoned by his mother at birth due to his cleft palate, leaving him to a sick father and grandmother. Few years later, his father passed away and he was raised by his grandmother. 

The singer went through a traumatic childhood as he was discriminated against by his peers based on his looks and experienced school violence. There were also teachers who treated him badly because of his poor academic results. 

At 16 years old, Han Pei Quan was fortunately sponsored to undergo a surgery for his condition. He had to go through 8 surgeries to look as he is now. 

Growing up, the singer earned his living through social media. He was famous for his cross-dressing videos under a sassy persona called Han Meijuan. 

In 2021, Han Pei Quan participated in the survival show Chuang, stepping into showbiz. 

han pei quan
Han Pei Quan has a pitiable family background, his mother abandoning him, father passing away from illness, and living with grandmother since childhood. 

Source: Sohu, 163 

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