BLACKPINK Rosé attractively appears on magazine cover

However, Rosé’s legs caught the attention of netizens.  Many people worry that the female idol is too thin.

On May 14, Elle Korea magazine released a series of cover photos of Rosé (BLACKPINK) for the June issue. Immediately, these images attracted the attention of netizens.

In this series of photos, the “Australian rose” appears with a beautiful and captivating appearance, extremely luxurious and seductive.  From a member who was criticized for being less prominent in BLACKPINK, now her visual has become attractive thanks to her hair color and makeup that accentuates her perfectly beautiful face like a living doll.  Her aura is increasingly attractive and mysterious.  However, the main vocalist BLACKPINK made fans panic when revealing worryingly thin legs.

Appearing on the cover of ELLE, Rosé made people crazy because of her beauty.  The female idol cleverly shows off her perfectly beautiful face, high nose bridge, soulful eyes, smooth skin and sexy expression 
This hairstyle makes her looks much sexier.  
However, the “Australian rose” made fans worried when revealing thin and skinny legs.

Source: ELLE Korea

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