What does it take for trainees to be able to debut at JYP? Strict conditions unveiled

Debuting at JYP requires much more effort than what fans imagine. 

JYP is known to be the house of many successful girl groups. In order to debut, female trainees must practice hard and meet all the requirements set by the company.

JYP is the place where many talented and beautiful female idols gather. 

On SBS’s Legendary Stage, TWICE shared a lot about how they debuted. MC Sung Si Kyung was curious about the pre-debut lessons for girl groups with different nationalities like TWICE.

The members said that Korean is a compulsory class for international trainees. Sana shared, “Momo and I have been taking Korean classes for about 3 years. When I first came to Korea, I couldn’t speak a single Korean word. I couldn’t even understand simple sentences like ‘Have you eaten?’. We could only say hello every time someone passed by.”

Japanese members are required to be fluent in Korean. 

Jihyo then revealed what surprised the host and audience.  Jihyo said she has earned a certificate in Chinese since middle school as required by the company.

Korean members had to learn Chinese. 

Nayeon continued, “If we don’t get a foreign language certificate, we won’t be able to debut.” With this strict debut condition, TWICE’s juniors like ITZY or NMIXX all have certain foreign language skills. This makes it easier for JYP groups to promote overseas.

TWICE members were required to have a foreign language certificate to debut. 
itzy thumbnail
ITZY’s foreign language ability is impressive 

Besides producing multinational groups, JYP is also famous for good training in terms of dancing and performance skills. JYP idols always stun fans with their captivating performances.

JYP groups’ performance skills never disappoint 

On the show Master In The House, JYP revealed he used the method of taking screenshots at any moment in his idols’ performances. From there, JYP can check whether the members are doing the right choreography or not. If the moment stops when all members do the same movement, it means they are doing well.

JYP evaluates choreography synchronization by taking screenshots. 
ITZY is highly appreciated for their dancing skills.  

By the time NMIXX debuted, the audience noticed when JYP paid more attention to training idols’ vocals and live singing skills more thoroughly. NMIXX’s live singing videos have proved this.

Vocal requirements are more noticeable in the current JYP era. 

JYP trained NMIXX’s vocals very carefully. The company let the girls warm up their voices and practice breathing in the waiting room before singing.  

JYP’s training style is highly appreciated by fans.  After many years of training girl groups, JYP knows how to focus on vocals, helping idols win the public’s hearts more.

NMIXX is highly appreciated for their ability to sing live. 

Over time, the conditions to debut in JYP have become increasingly difficult. Thanks to the harshness of the company, JYP girl groups are now even more talented. Besides, JYP is so harsh that the company even kicks idols out of their groups without giving specific reasons.

Source: yan. 

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