“Lee Seo Jin’s son” Shin Hyun Seung “My self-esteem dropped while attending Sungkyunkwan University”

On Dec 13th, we had an interview with Shin Hyun Seung of tvN’s “Behind Every Star” at Ten Asia’s office building.

Shin Hyun Seung played Go Eun Gyul, Tae Oh (Lee Seo Jin)’s son and a new actor from Method Entertainment. He attracted viewers’ attention with his love line with Joo Hyun Young.

Shin Hyeon-seung

Shin Hyun Seung, who played the role of a new actor from Method Entertainment in the drama, showed extraordinary enthusiasm in acting. The synchronization between Shin Hyun Seung and Go Eun Gyul was 100%. This is because Shin Hyun Seung also worked hard to become an actor.

Shin Hyeon-seung

He said, “After retaking the college entrance exam, I entered the Department of Acting and Arts at Sungkyunkwan University. However, my self-esteem dropped a lot while attending school. I deliberately looked for external auditions. I thought if I auditioned outside and it didn’t work, I’d just look for something else. But I came through a competition of 5000 to 1 to participate in Kakao M’s web drama. I focused on what would be fun to do rather than what would be good to do. I went with the thought of saying a little greeting, but I was lucky.

Shin Hyeon-seung

Source: Daum

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