Soo Jin (G) I-DLE cried after being accused of bullying her classmates

The member (G) I-DLE revealed swollen eyes during a recent online chat with fans.

Soo Jin is at the center of controversy when many people denounce her as a school bully, forcing her classmates to fight, stealing uniforms.  After that, the member of (G) I-DLE wrote a letter admitting that during her school days she used to smoke, dress inappropriately but denied using violence or stealing.

On February 21, right after the denunciations appeared on the internet and became a hot topic, Soo Jin livestreamed to communicate with fans.  Fans were heartbroken when they saw that the female idol’s eyes were swollen, her face was swollen as she had cried for a long time.  This image shows that Soo Jin’s spirit is heavily affected by criticism on social media.

Soo Jin (G) I-DLE cried after being accused of bullying her classmates

The controversy surrounding Soo Jin’s scandal has not come to an end.  Seo Shin Ae, the actress who appeared in the series “Highkick2”, posted a mysterious status on Instagram Story after Soojin’s scandal broke out.  Seo Shin Ae went to the same middle school as Soojin, and in the past, she also revealed herself being bullied when she was at school.  All this information makes Korean netizens raise the question of whether Seo Shin Ae was a victim of Soojin.

In the latest apology post, the Cube idol affirmed that she has never talked to Seo Shin Ae even though she was in the same grade and did not bully the actress. Immediately Soojin’s fans flooded into Seo Shin Ae’s Instagram and left a series of malicious comments, even asking the actress to apologize to their idol.

Soo Jin (G) I-DLE cried after being accused of bullying her classmates

Seo Shin Ae fired back a few hours later, by posting the song “Therefore I Am” by Billie Eilish on her Instagram story. Although Seo Shin Ae did not attach any captions, netizens believe that the lyrics of this song itself seemingly respond to the situation at hand: “I’m not your friend, or anything, damn. You think that you’re the man. Stop, what the hell are you talking about? Get my pretty name out of your mouth. We are not the same with or without. Don’t talk about me like you might know how I feel”

Netizens praised Seo Shin Ae and said that Soo Jin was completely wrong in this incident when directly mentioning the actress’s name.  Some comments: “Soo Jin ah, where is your conscience? Shin Ae never mentioned your name directly, but you mentioned her name directly. Shin Ae’s reaction like this is completely suitable.  That’s right “,” Soo Jin please leaves the group “,” Shin Ae fighting “…

Meanwhile, some people think that if Soo Jin has never bullied Shin Ae, it is perfectly reasonable for her to directly correct the information.  The fact that Seo Shin Ae not only named Soo Jin the bully but only said it in a vague way, led to Soo Jin being misunderstood, makes (G) I-DLE’s fans angry.

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