Rosé’s sister (BLACKPINK) mesmerizes the public with her beauty and her minimal fashion sense 

Not only beautiful, Rosé’s sister also has a great fashion sense.

Since all 4 members of BLACKPINK are A-list K-pop superstars, the 4 girls have a global scale influence. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that everything around BLACKPINK is of interest to the public, especially the members’ siblings. It is known that not only Jisoo, Rosé also has an elder sister, Alice Park, who is 4 years older than her. Just like her sibling, Alice Park possesses an irresistible beauty.

Rosé‘s elder sister’s identity was revealed a long time ago. And right from that moment, Alice Park received many compliments about her beauty. Alice Park attracts attention with her high nose bridge, sharp eyes and an elegant chin. She only puts on light makeup with hair tied up or let loose. On her social network page, Alice Park is also quite open. She is not afraid to share close-up pictures of her beauty, especially the extreme tilt angle.

Not only beautiful, Alice Park also has a stylish fashion sense. Rosé‘s sister doesn’t like fancy items. Her style revolves around the most basic items such as t-shirts, solid color sweaters, jeans, etc. When it comes to clothes, Alice Park tends to choose outfits with neutral tones. It is this simplicity that makes Alice Park always look attractive without even trying.

Alice Park shows her sophistication in choosing accessories. In order not to break the elegance of the outfit, she will go for white sneakers, loafers or minimalist sandals. In addition, Rosé‘s sister always wears slim jewelry which makes the set of clothes become more classy. Sometimes, she even dresses up a bit with a silk scarf tied in her hair.

Possessing a slim and tall body, Alice Park still chooses ways to mix and match clothes to make her seem taller. She often tucks in her shirt or chooses a mid-length shirt. Interestingly, unlike her sister Rosé – a beauty who is extremely “addicted” to wide-leg pants, Alice Park is loyal to neat pants, such as skinny jeans or straight-leg jeans. These pants not only enhance Alice Park‘s slim legs, but also create a neat and tidy look for the overall outfit, helping the wearer not to be swallowed up. Alice Park is a role model for people who love simple style. 


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