Lee Young Ae’s husband appeared at chaebol wedding, draws attention for strange reason

A surprising reason caused Lee Young Ae’s husband to become a hot topic after he attended a wedding of the Hyundai family . 

On February 11th, Lee Young Ae‘s husband, the former chairman of Raycom Korea, Jung Ho Young, attended a Hyundai wedding as a guest, drawing attention. 

In particular, it is known that former chairman Jung Ho Young attended the wedding ceremony of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) professor Jung Joon Sun, which was held at Jeongdong Church in Jung-gu, Seoul. Professor Jung is the eldest son of HDC Group Chairman Chung Mong Kyu, who is ranked 28th in the business world.

Lee Youngae Jung Hoyoung

On this day, Hotel Shilla President Lee Boo Jin, Asan Foundation Chairman Chung Mong Joon, Hyundai Group Chairman Hyun Jeong Eun, CJ Group Chairman Sohn Kyung Shik, and LS Group Chairman Koo Ja Eun all attended and gathered attention.

Former KBS announcer Noh Hyun Jung, who married HN president Jeong Dae Seon, also visited the wedding hall with her mother-in-law, Lee Haeng Ja.

Lee Youngae Jung Hoyoung

Actress Lee Young Ae was also captured with her husband Jung Ho Young, former chairman of Raycom Korea. Here, the chairman, who is 20 years older than Lee Young Ae, attracted great attention with an unbelievable appearance at the age of 73. He also showed off his youthful fashion sense by matching a black shirt with a light gray suit.

In the past, former Chairman Chung’s young appearance drew a lot of attention in online communities. Netizens couldn’t hide their surprise at the time, and left comments such as “I’d believe that he was in his 40s”, “Such a young face in his 70s”, and “Every time he appears in the media, he gets younger”.

Jung Hoyoung

Meanwhile, Chung graduated from the prestigious University of Chicago and Illinois Institute of Technology. Afterwards, he served as chairman of Raycom Korea, and his net worth is estimated to fall around 2 trillion won (over 1.5 billion USD).

It is said that Chung and Lee Young Ae first met in 1991 as an advertising planner and actress. In 2009, they overcame the 20-year age difference and got married. Lee Young Ae has since given birth to a pair of twins. 

Meanwhile, Lee Young Ae plans to return to the small screen through the new drama “Maestra” (literal translation) this year. “Maestra” is based on the French drama “Philharmonia”, and Lee Young Ae was cast to play Cha Se Eum, a former violinist and female conductor.

Source: wikitree

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