BLACKPINK members and the times they look spectacular is see-through clothes

Sexy yet elegant, here are the times the members of BLACKPINK shock the ground in see-through fashion. 

BLACKPINK is not only famous for its talents and visuals, but also for its unique and charismatic fashion sense. In fact, even basic and commonly worn items can look totally different when adorned by the four female Kpop idols. And see-through clothes are no different, as the group manages to look sexy but not too revealing in them. 

BLACKPINK are well-recognized for their chic clothes that can be worn in everyday life as well. 

For starters, the main vocalist Rosé has been going viral across the net for her takes on Saint Lauren’s latest collection. The idol picked out super daring gowns with bust parts made of 100% transparent fabric, added a chic twist to cover up sensitive parts and kept the form, thus looking super classy, mysterious, and alluring in them. 

Rose Blackpink
Rosé received praise for her more classy take on Saint Lauren’s daring designs. 

At a Saint Lauren event in Los Angeles, USA, the female idol also became a hot topic for her seductive appearance. In particular, Rosé wore a net tube dress over a body-hugging leotard, which showed off her figure without looking too scandalous. 

Rose Blackpink
The idol’s combination was hailed by netizens. 
Rose Blackpink
At Paris Fashion Week 2021, Rosé also drew attention with a see through outfit that combined two dresses from Saint Lauren. 
Rose Blackpink

Recently, Jisoo appeared at Dior Fall 2022 in an elegant black lace gown. Previously, the visual of BLACKPINK wore another transparent Dior fit to promote the brand, adding her own touch with dark fabric around the waist. 

Jisoo looked all elegant in a black lace gown at dior Fall 2022. 
The sexy Dior outfit was transformed after the idol added waist details and black heels. 

Another fan of see-through clothes is none other than Jennie. In the BLACKPINK’s Seasonal Greeting photobook, the famous idol wore a lacy dress from Chanel. With her top-notch physique and charms, the idol could even defeat the original model. 

Jennie was the talk of town when she wore a transparent dress from Chanel. 
She also greatly surprised fans while wearing a see-through top in Paris. 

Compared to her other group members, Lisa often opted for crop tops and bodysuits instead of transparent clothes. However, the youngest member of BLACKPINK still made quite the deep impression in the rare occasions she adored see-through fashion. 

Lisa transformed the original sexy bodysuit into a more chic style with silk shorts and a blazer. 
The female idol also wore a bodycon dress made of transparent net when she appeared on the show Kingdom to assist iKON. 

BLACKPINK truly never disappoints with their high-end fashion sense. Even in styles as controversial as transparent out, they managed to add clever twists. 


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