Did ‘The Glory’ Cha Ju-young get caught stealing clothes from the laundry? Lim Ji-yeon “You’re cute”

Actor Cha Ju-young revealed a cute daily life.

Cha Joo-young posted several pictures of her on the 24th with the words “Ho Dal Dal ..“.

In her published photo, Cha Joo-young is looking at her camera with a blanket wrapped around her body in the cold weather.

Cha Joo Young instagram

Cha Joo-young’s cute charm, which is different from Choi Hye-jung in the Netflix original ‘The Glory‘, attracts attention.

Seeing Cha Ju-young shivering in the cold, actress Lim Ji-yeon, who worked as a villain together in ‘The Glory’, expressed her affection, saying, “It’s cute.”

Cha Joo Young instagram

Then, netizens showed delightful responses, such as “This time, the clothes she borrowed from the laundry were caught by the owner and taken away”, “If you know that Yeonjin betrayed you and come after you, you have to hide like this”, “You are pretty stewardess Hyejeong.”

Meanwhile, ‘The Glory’, starring Cha Ju-young, depicts the story of a woman whose soul was shattered by violence in her childhood, who risked her whole life to carefully prepare for desperate revenge and those who fall into the vortex.

Source: Nate

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