Park Bo Gum recruited by HYBE and YG? Groundless rumors

HYBE Labels officially announced their position on the rumor of recruiting Park Bo Gum, sparking questions about the actor’s future agency. 

On January 25th, HYBE emphasized to media outlet that the rumors of Park Bo Gum being recruited by them is groundless. 

Previously, TV Report said that HYBE was forming a management team to recruit Park Bo Gum. At the same time, the media reported as if an exclusive contract was already under discussion, with HYBE forming a team specifically for Park Bo Gum. However, HYBE emphasized that such composition and recruitment rumors are groundless.

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A similar case occurred back on January 17th. At the time, Star News first reported that Park Bo Gum was moving to YG Entertainment. According to the media, Park Bo Gum naturally signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment due to his friendship with Sean, a YG artist. However, YG Entertainment said this was groundless.

At the time, YG Entertainment told, “The rumor about Park Bo Gum being recruited is groundless. Although he has a close relationship with Sean and visits him often, there was no process or any procedure to recruit Park Bo Gum as an actor. There is no exclusive contract at all.”

At the end of last year, Park Bo Gum ended his long-standing contract with Blossom Entertainment. At the time, Blossom Entertainment said, “After a long discussion with Park Bo Gum, we agreed to end our management relationship at the end of this month. We decided to respect the will of Park Bo Gum, who has been with us for a long time, and we decided to support each other’s future from our respective positions.”

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“We would like to express our gratitude to Park Bo Gum, who believed in us and has been with us for a long time. Also, I would like to express my gratitude to fans who always send generous love to Park Bo Gum,” the agency added.

As such, the rumor of Park Bo Gum being recruited is constantly being raised. However, there are only a lot of unrelated stories. As a result of early confirmation by, some of the large agencies suggested that they had no plans to recruit Park Bo Gum. According to them, music companies are reluctant to recruit actors, since they know that actor management differs from idol management in many aspects, such as staff composition. For this reason, there were even cases where major entertainment companies separated their actors and songs divisions.

Actor management companies should also think about the composition of artists signed with them. Park Bo Gum is a top star, leading to lower profit distribution for the company. Therefore, many agencies instead focus on maximizing profits by nurturing newcomers into rising stars, which will greatly help the company grow. 

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From Park Bo Gum’s point of view, he also needs a company that will exclusively manage him. In a place where many stars are gathered, the dispersion of manpower is inevitable. In the end, he is more likely to choose an appropriately sized company that will set up and run a dedicated team for him. On the other hand, he may also join a company where there are few male actors, and he can fill the void. 

Source: Daum

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