BLACKPINK Jisoo’s new photo match previously leaked picture, possible chance of a hack?

BLACKPINK Jisoo’s recently-published photo may have proven that the group is suffering from leaked data and a hack. 

On the morning of September 28th, Gurumi Haribo, who has been the talk of town for releasing allegedly “leaked photos” of BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V, posted a new update in their group chat.

In particular, they posted a previously unseen photo of Jisoo in Paris with the caption, “Hey everyone, I know that many of you doubt me and wild rumors are everywhere. I have been told that Jisoo is somebody who knows the truth and is an honest and kind person. She is not involved with Taehyung in any kind. However, she may help us to see the truth.”

“So please, Jisoo, if you get this message, please post this unseen picture as a sign that you know Jennie and Taehyung are hanging out and you (among others) cannot speak about this. Thank you”, Gurumi Haribo added. 

Mere hours later, Jisoo published on her Instagram various photos of herself at the Dior fashion show in Paris, which include a picture that looked exactly like what Gurumi Haribo released beforehand. 

Seeing this, Gurumi Haribo captured Jisoo’s post and updated the group chat again, saying, “Thanks Jisoo! Everything that I post is the  truth. Now wait until we find out about The IDOLs Dyanne.”

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In the past, Gurumi Haribo had revealed that Jennie’s character in “The Idol” will be named Dyanne and emphasized that she was the first to tease such information. 


As of the moment, netizens are curious how Gurumi Haribo got their hands of Jisoo’s photo and suspected of a hack or a staff member leaking it. 

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Meanwhile, both YG Entertainment (BLACKPINK’s agency) and Big Hit Music (BTS’ agency) still stay silent about the issue. 

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