BLACKPINK and all their outstanding appearances at Paris Fashion Week

The impact of BLACKPINK in the fashion world is shown through their spectacular appearances at international fashion weeks. 

As of the moment, there’s no other Kpop groups where all members are invited to international fashion weeks like BLACKPINK. However, not all of their appearances are showered in praise, and netizens even pointed out some rather questionable wardrobe choices. 

BLACKPINK members and their appearances at Paris Fashion Week

Recently, Lisa appeared at the Celine Men Show Spring/Summer 2023 – a fashion event that was part of the Paris Fashion Week. As the global ambassador of Celine, Lisa appeared in a backless turtleneck top, and quickly became trending across the net. However, one of the most eye-catching things about this appearance of Lisa is actually her transformation from short to long hair. It seems that regardless of hair length and style, Lisa still manages to look drop-dead gorgeous. 

Lisa Celine Show
Lisa appeared in long hair, stealing the heart of many netizens
lisa bts v bo gum
The female idol when side by side with BTS V and famous actor Park Bo Gum
Lisa Celine Show
It’s not an exaggeration to say that Lisa was born for Celine

Jisoo was the first BLACKPINK member to attend Paris Fashion Week this year, and so immediately became a hot topic. However, her appearance is rather controversial, and netizens said the simple straight black hair was not outstanding enough for Jisoo. Her plaid dress was also considered “too safe” for such a famous fashion event. Nevertheless, the female idol exuded classiness like a true Miss Dior, and slayed with her spectacular visuals. 

Jisoo appeared like a noble lady at Paris Fashion Week
The female idol were welcomed by various journalist and became the center of attention on various media sites 
However, Jisoo’s outfit was considered “too safe” to be at Paris Fashion Week

Another BLACKPINK member that became a hot topic at the fashion week is none other than Jennie. Despite opting for a full-black look, Jennie’s outfit perfectly highlighted her curves and straight shoulders. The female idol’s choice of jewelry and braided hair also made her look super chic and modern. 

Jennie Chanel Show Paris Fashion Week 2022
Jennie’s outfit perfectly highlight her astounding physique

Jennie’s photo of her in Paris to attend Chanel’s show posted on Instagram has gained more than 8 million likes. Her trademark chic and trendy aura never fails to create much buzz. 

Jennie at Chanel shows

Dressed in a sexy back fit, Jennie showed off her flawless curves and enviable figure. Jennie’s hair styled in a crown braid also made her look lovelier and no less luxurious.

Jennie Blackpink-Paris Fashion Week
Jennie’s photo on Instagram attracted many likes.

When appearing at the Saint Laurent show in Paris Fashion Week 2022, Rosé, the brand’s global ambassador wore a black see-through mini dress, showing off her slender and attractive collarbone. Although there were mixed reactions that Rosé’s outfit felt too safe and even bland, fans said it stayed true to Saint Laurent’s identity and Rosé managed to look chic and elegant in it, which is not an easy thing to do.

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