Once controversial for “Next Han So Hee title”, Kim Si Eun now says IU needs to fix one thing?

Kim Si Eun, who once faced controversies for the “Next Han So Hee” title, draws attention by mentioning IU.

Actress Kim Si Eun, who was recently awarded Best New Actress (in Film) at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards, was once known as the “Next Han So Hee”. In fact, actress Bae Doona even referred to this title in a press conference by saying, “Kim Si Eun, like Han So Hee, will definitely draw the public’s attention with her impressive skills and beautiful visuals”.

At the time, Kim Si Eun was known for starring in the Netflix series “Love Alarm”, where she acted alongside Song Kang for several scenes.

However, many people said that compare to Han So Hee, Kim Si Eun still has a long way to go, and even criticized the actress for using the name of her senior.

Nevertheless, Kim Si Eun has slowly earned the public’s acceptance and established herself through various work. Recently, she draws attention by a statement about IU.

In particular, on April 29th, Kim Si Eun posted a video on her Instagram. The released video captured the appearance of IU and Kim Si Eun meeting at an award ceremony. Here, two showed a warm atmosphere with bright smiles.

In addition, Kim Si Eun, who was smiling brightly next to IU, confused her special affection for IU by saying, “Everything is good about senior (IU), but please fix one thing. Please fix my heart”.

The post has since spread through various online communities and SNS. Seeing Kim Si Eun’s words, netizens showed various reactions and left comments such as, “Kim Si Eun’s heart is just like my heart”, “Both are so pretty”, “Kim Si Eun’s comment is so cute”, and “IU is really popular”.

Source: wikitree

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