“My sister was a Gyaru”… This boy group member shows the standard pose of the Gyaru Peace trend 

Kenta of boy group JBJ95 presented the real standard of the “Gyaru Peace” pose.

 “Gyaru Peace” is a trending post among young people as well as idols. This is a pose in which you make a V sign with your finger and then spin your arm downward to turn the V upside down.

On May 25th, a netizen uploaded a video of her meeting with Kenta, a Japanese member of the Korean group JBJ95. At that time, Kenta was visiting a cafe birthday even for Kim Sang-gyun, a member of the same group.

Gyaru Trend

In the released video, Kenta said, “This is how you do it. What you’re doing is not the Gyaru Peace” then he got up from his seat and did his ‘Gyaru Peace’ pose. While watching Kenta do the Gyaru Peace performance, fans cheered “So cute”.

Gyaru Trend

However, the way Kenta did the Gyaru Peace was slightly different from what most people have been doing. In response, the male idol explained, “My sister was a Gyaru when I was in elementary school” and proved the standard pose of the Gyaru Peace once again.

“Gyaru” is the Japanese pronunciation of the English word “Girl”. In the 1900s, it became a trend around the area of Sibuya Street in Tokyo. Young women who followed this trend could be recognized with dark makeup, colorful hairstyles, and unique costumes that show their individuality. “Gyaru Peace” is a combination of “Gyaru” and “Peace sign”.

Source: Wikitree

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