The fierce and rough “Be Mbitious” before “Street Man Fighter”! Should you watch it?

The competitive atmosphere on Mnet’s “Be Mbitious” is intense from episode 1. 

Mnet’s “Be Mbitious” was unveiled for the first time on May 24th. The male dancers dance fiercely in each battle, saying “A no-respect dancer whom I can beat is…” with sharp eyes. Some are frustrated by unexpected situations, and others are brave enough to overcome them. Dancer Honey J, who watched the contestants struggle, made a comment, “Watching men fight is fun!”


“Be Mbitious” is a prequel dance competition show to select members for the project dance crew Mbitious to compete in “Street Man Fighter”, which is scheduled to air in August. Solo dancers who do not have a crew enter a faceoff to join Mbitious. A total of three episodes were planned.

The atmosphere of “Be Mibtious” is already intense from the first episode fueled by Mnet’s signature “spicy editing”. The competition in last year’s “Street Woman Fighter” has transformed into an even more terrifying one. It looks like contestants have entered a survival war by pointing out each other as the underdogs. The unity and solidarity within the crew as what we saw in “Street Woman Fighter” has disappeared, and only “bloody” competition remains.

New challenges were also introduced. A typical example is the variation of “Hey Mama”, the most iconic performance of “Street Woman Fighter”. It contains difficult missions, such as having to learn the versions of Honey J and Gabee within 3 hours rather than the famous version of Noze. There were also several scenes that aroused interest.  It was fun to see the male dancers struggling to practice twerking, or to see idol choreographers and idols go head-to-head with each other. Cha Hyun-seung, who recently became famous thanks to his appearance in Netflix’s dating show “Single’s Inferno”, was picked as an underdog by 9 out of 39 contestants, but after a battle, he got the respect card.

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With dancers of all ages and genres facing off, the war between professional dancers and idols has been drawn sharper and more nerve-wrecking than ever. However, most of the idol participants, including Kino from Pentagon, Noh Tae-hyun from HOTSHOT and JBJ, ONF U, and Harry June from DKB, are chosen to reveal in the broadcast, and only the confrontation between idols and professional dancers was highlighted, leaving many regrets as idols are used only as stimulating factors. There are also other participants who drew attention, including Lee Ho-won, a former INFINITE member, idol choreographers such as Kasper and Cha Hyun-seung. After the first episode, viewers are curious about how stimulating the remaining episodes of “Be Mbitious” will be. In the first episode, the show ranked first in terms of rating in the same time slot for people in the age groups of 15-39 and 20-49 (according to Nielsen Korea). The real-time viewer rating on TVing even exceeded 70%. The second episode will be released on May 25th and the third episode will be released on May 31st.

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△ Why you should watch it:

If you’re a fan of Mnet competition programs, we recommend watching this show. The unique competitive atmosphere is permeated everywhere. It’s also worth watching if you like the “Street Woman Fighter” team. It is fun to see their honest reactions in the right place.

△ And why you shouldn’t:

We don’t recommend this show if you’re easily tired of entertainment that requires a long period of focus time. The first episode began at around 10:20 p.m. and ended after 1 a.m. the next day. The running time easily exceeds 160 minutes, including mid-show advertisements. We would also recommend viewers to watch other programs if you easily feel tired by the contestants’ war of nerves.


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