4 reasons why Forecasting Love and Weather should be added into your watchlist right away 

You should not skip JTBC’s latest drama starring Song Kang and Park Min Young and here’s why. 

Forecasting Love and Weather is a new rom-com drama about the exciting and unpredictable office romance and daily lives of people who work at Korea’s Meteorological Administration, the national weather forecast agency.

Forecasting Love and Weather

Our attention has been drawn to Forecasting Love and Weather ever since its announcement because of the all-visual cast led by Park Min Young and Song Kang. But the cast is not the only reason why this drama is worth the watch. Let’s take a look at 4 major factors that contribute to the charm of Forecasting Love and Weather! 

1. Park Min Young and Song Kang’s “noona” romance 

Forecasting Love and Weather

In Forecasting Love and Weather, Park Min Young plays Jin Ha Kyung, a highly organized and smart woman who does everything in order and is fastidious in separating her personal and professional life.

Song Kang plays reporter Lee Si Woo, a free-spirited young man who always thinks outside the box. He has an impressive IQ of 150, but all he cares about is the weather.

Forecasting Love and Weather
Forecasting Love and Weather

In one of the posters, the line: “The end of an office romance is not just a breakup” makes us curious about the relationships of the drama’s characters. 

Both Song Kang and Park Min Young are known for their top ability to spark great chemistry with their co-stars, so their chemistry in Forecasting Love and Weather is definitely worth looking forward to. 

Forecasting Love and Weather is also Park Min Young‘s third time taking on the role of an office worker on the small screen. At the age of 35, she still looks young and pretty as always. When Park Min Young stands next to Song Kang, the two’s 8-year age gap is not visible at all. Anyway, this is supposed to be a noona romance, so an age difference should not be a problem. 

2. Refreshing and entertaining storyline 

Forecasting Love and Weather

A K-drama set in the meteorological administration, Korea’s national weather forecasting agency has never been seen before. Weather is an important factor in our daily lives yet we do not have much knowledge about the work of the forecasters and the difficulties they face on a daily basis.

While working on this drama, the production crew was consulting and seeking advice from real-life spokespeople and weather forecasters for 6 months. Minister Noh Sung Woon, who has worked at the spokesman’s office of the Korea Meteorological Department for the past 27 years, elaborated on the process.

Forecasting Love and Weather

The crew also filmed at a national storm center in Seogwipo to capture a detailed video of a storm. Even in the short trailer and highlight video, the forecast details are incredibly clear and realistic.

“We have not forgotten about the anonymous workers who work hard to update the most accurate forecasts with the media and the public, the staff who work on prediction with numbers, digital data, computers, weather satellites and hour-by-minute weather radars to share with us the most basic documents.” 

3. Talented supporting cast

Forecasting Love and Weather

Besides Park Min Young and Song Kang in the lead roles, Forecasting Love and Weather also stars a talented supporting cast including Yoon Park and Girl’s Day’s Yura. Yoon Park plays Jin Ha Kyung‘s handsome and cheating ex-boyfriend Han Ki Joon, who works in the spokesman’s office of the Meteorological Administration.

“The Korea Meteorological Department is a place that feels familiar and close because it tells us the weather every day, but it has never been the subject of a drama before. You’ll be able to see how hard everyone there works when they do their best and put all their passion into what they do every day.”

Forecasting Love and Weather

Yura plays Chae Yoo Jin – a daily weather reporter. Yura will portray the life of an office worker in her 20s, who is arrogant on the outside, but is actually going through many struggles. 

Before Forecasting Love and Weather, Yura has starred in quite a few dramas, most recently Now, We Are Breaking Up, and has impressed viewers with her natural acting. 

4. Excellent director and screenwriter duo

Forecasting Love and Weather

Forecasting Love and Weather is created by director Cha Young Hoon – the man behind the success of Uncontrollably Fond and When the Camellia Blooms. Both dramas achieved much success, so the public has high expectations for Forecasting Love and Weather. Obviously, Cha Young Hoon is very skilled when making dramas about love and life, right?

Notably, before Forecasting Love and Weather, Cha Young Hoon worked with screenwriter Kang Eun Kyung for the hit medical drama Dr. Romantic. Created by two big names, Forecasting Love and Weather simply cannot flop.

Forecasting Love and Weather

For the above reasons, we believe that Forecasting Love and Weather will be an excellent drama about the lives of weather forecasters. Besides, Song Kang and Park Min Young’s top chemistry is definitely worth the anticipation. 

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