A famous actress revealed to be sexually assaulted and faced charges of slander

People are focusing on the affair of a famous actress in her 50s, Mrs. K, that she filed a lawsuit to the police saying that she had been sexually assaulted several times, but instead, she was accused of defamation.

According to a law official, on the 13th, male businessman A in his 50s filed a complaint saying, “The actress K claimed to be raped even though she was not sexually assaulted, she slandered me.”

A famous actress revealed to be sexually assaulted and faced charges of slander

Earlier this year, actress K sued for sexual assault, saying, “From July 2017 to September 2019, Mr. A sexually assaulted me or attempted to do it three times, but failed. However, on the 4th, it was confirmed that the police had rejected my allegation of sexual assault against Mr. A.”

After the police dismissed her sexual assault lawsuit, based on this, Mr. A sued actress K for false charges.

In the complaint, Mr. A claimed against actress K, “We’ve been in a relationship for four years from 2016 and I’ve given her 10 million won worth of financial assistance every month but when we broke up in September 2020, she falsely accused some of the sex we had at that time was coercive.” 

It is known that this is not the first time that Mr. A and Mr. K have had a court battle.

In 2020, Mr. A sued, “Actress K said she was raped by me and spread false facts to her own sister and others,” and on December 29 of the same year, the prosecution issued a summary order to Mrs.K with a fine of 1 million won. Mrs. K, dissatisfied with this, filed for a formal trial, and the first trial is currently underway.

It is known that actress K also accused A of habitual threats and violation of the Information and Communication Network Act. It is said that Mr. A had sent text messages to her several times to threaten her and written malicious comments on bulletin boards of broadcasting stations to damage her reputation.

In response, Mr. A, who met with SBS entertainment news reporters, acknowledged that he sent several text messages to Mr. K and commented on the broadcasting station’s bulletin board, but “It was unfair for me to be accused of being a rapist by a person I dated so I reflect on the fact that I sent a lot of text messages.”

On the other hand, in a call with SBS entertainment news reporters, Mrs. K admitted to being tried in the first instance on defamation charges but insisted that she suffered great psychological damage from Mr. A. She said, “Mr. A is a stalker who has been tormenting me. Because of Mr. A, I lost my weight to the 40kg range and it was so hard that I even thought about extremes.” 

Source: Nate

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