aespa’s Giselle surprises netizens with her wealth through 2 photos shared on Bubble

Netizens are taken aback when they find out how much the rings that Giselle bought are worth. 

Since aespa’s debut, there have been many rumors circulating about Giselle‘s background, claiming that the female idol grew up in a rich family. Recently, netizens have found more reason to believe in these rumors after the prices of the accessories purchased by Giselle were shared on an Korean online community. 

aespa Giselle wealthy

Not long ago, Giselle shared on Bubble 2 photos of new accessories she bought for herself. Fans then searched for their prices and discovered that 3 of the rings worn by the female idol are worth 12.7 million won, 1.9 million won and 4 million won, respectively. This means only 3 rings cost Giselle nearly 20 million won, not to mention the remaining 2 rings.

aespa Giselle wealthy

Some fans also pointed out that all of Giselle’s rings are from “Chrome Hearts”. Giselle also revealed that she has long enjoyed collecting this brand’s accessories. Knowing her shopping preferences, many Korean netizens expressed their envy for Giselle’s fancy life because the female idol was not only born a rich kid but also succeeded and made a lot of money from a young age.

aespa Giselle wealthy
aespa Giselle wealthy
  • Giselle was born with a golden spoon
  • Even if aespa got paid earlier than other rookie idols, spending that much at such a young age still proves she was born into a wealthy family. Everything Giselle owns, from accessories, hats, clothes to shoes is expensive.
  • Giselle lives in a house worth 13 billion won in Japan ㅋ
  • But it’s true that even before debut, she already had a lot of money 
  • Giselle was born with a golden spoon, so it’s just part of her daily shopping routine
  • There is no doubt that she come from a rich family 
  • I bet that for Giselle, that much money for a few accessories is not a big deal
  • I heard that the international school Giselle went to has a tuition fee of 40 million won a year
  • Giselle, if you don’t mind, buy me one too…
  • I’m so jealous of Giselle’s life… If there is a next life I want to be born like Giselle
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