A stylist comments on Song Ji-ah using fake luxury items, “Poor-quality fake, there’s no way she didn’t know”

A stylist draws attention by addressing Song Ji-ah’s controversy. 

Amid the growing controversy over Song Ji-ah using fake high-end goods, a staff member of Netflix’s ‘Single’s Inferno‘, a veteran stylist with 10 years of experience said, “The level of fake is so badly done that there’s no way she didn’t know about it.”

On January 18, Youtuber and entertainment reporter Lee Jin-ho posted a video titled, ‘Freezia using fake… The reason why even stylists are surprised’. 


Lee Jin-ho said, “Song Ji-ah currently lives in Seoul Forest Trimage apartment complex.” adding, “There is a suspicion that her agency got her to live there to build her image.” He then said, “The apartment in question is priced at 2.25 billion won, but the monthly rent ranges from 4 million won to 800 million won.” He also added, “There is a controversy over whether she establishes her ‘golden spoon’ image herself or through her agency.”

In particular, regarding the fact that many of the luxury items of Song Ji-ah were revealed to be fake, he said, “The show is broadcast on Netflix, so she is facing a global backlash.”


In the video, a stylist with over 10 years of experience said, “It doesn’t make sense to say that you don’t know what you are wearing is fake. It’s illegal to put on fake items. It may be difficult to distinguish it from the broadcast unless you are an expert”.


Also, “Even if you wear S-class fakes, it can still get you in trouble because there are many experts on luxury clothes and accessories in Korea. It can only take a huge blow to your image. Even if Freezia was not wearing so-called S-class or A-class fakes. Those are still poor-quality fakes.”

Lee Jin-ho said, “Her agency may not know if she wore a costume sold at 16,000 won on the Internet. However, it does not make any sense to suspect that the agency pays the monthly rent for Song Ji-ah’s Trimage apartment. It’s very unlikely that they did not know anything”, adding, “Song Ji-ah even apologized with a handwritten apology, but she is still under fire due to suspicions that she intentionally deceived the viewers.”


Earlier, FreeZia received criticism after many clothes and jewelry she wore on broadcasts and her Youtube videos were pointed out as fake products. In response, FreeZia admitted to the suspicion of her using fake goods and apologized through her Instagram on January 17th.

FreeZia said, “There has been a controversy related to some clothes I wore on Single’s Inferno and SNS. Some parts of this controversy over fake products that you pointed out are true. I’m really sorry about that”, adding, “I apologize for all the situations caused by my infringement of original designers’ creative works and ignorance of copyrights. As a person who dreams of launching my own brand, I will seriously recognize and reflect on the controversial parts.”

After appearing in “Single’s Inferno”, FreeZia emerged as a rising star. Her Youtube channel rapidly earned 1.88 million subscribers while her Instagram followers also exceeded 3.3 million. Thanks to this Netflix’s show, FreeZia’s popularity has expanded and she has also gained many global fans.

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