Fans are angry Son Na-eun broke her promise and won’t participate in Apink’s 10 year anniversary album

Son Na-eun, the only Apink member who moved to a different agency, will not participate in Apink’s 10th anniversary special album activities due to her personal schedule. Fans are disappointed by the sudden news of the group being unable to return as a whole.

IST Entertainment, Apink‘s agency, said on January 17th, “Regarding the release of a special album for Apink’s meaningful 10th anniversary, we have done our best to adjust the schedule and time so the group can work as six people. However, due to a sudden failure to adjust the schedule, all Apink activities except for the shooting of the album cover and music video of the special album in February will be conducted with five members (Chorong, Bomi, Eunji, Namjoo and Nayoung).”

The next day, Son Na-eun‘s agency, YG Entertainment, also announced its statement. On January 18th, YG explained the reason for Son Na-eun’s absence, saying, “Son Na-eun was not able to coordinate the schedule for the next film, which is under discussion,” adding, “Son Na-eun also plans to continue her activities with her unwavering passion and effort.”

However, there are voices of criticism over Son Na-eun‘s action. Many pointed out that she caused inconvenience to the entire team by pushing ahead with her individual activities instead of group activities that had already been set.

Apink, a six-member group, renewed its contract in April last year. Park Cho-rong, Yoon Bo-mi, Jung Eun-ji, Kim Nam-joo and Oh Ha-young renewed their contracts with their original agencies, but Son Na-eun moved to YG. In this regard, Apink‘s agency at the time emphasized, “All six members will still be Apink in the future, and we will continue our team activities separately and together.”


In December of last year, it was reported that an album with six members will be released in February 2022. In addition, Son Na-eun participated in Apink‘s 10th anniversary fan meeting last year, showing her willingness to do Apink activities.

In that way, the recording of the special album was completed by the whole group, and there was no change in the timing of the album’s activities. However, Son Na-eun chose to change her decision at an important moment and excluded herself from the team’s activities.

In the aftermath, the rest of the members are suddenly in a situation where they have to adjust all the dance moves. In some cases, some re-recordings will also be done. This is why some say that Son Na-eun neglected Apink activities.


In fact, Son Na-eun‘s title as an actress was partly thanks to her singer status as a part of Apink, which she has accumulated so far. Son Na-eun has appeared in numerous works since she started acting in 2012, but has been embroiled in numerous controversies over her acting skills due to her unnatural expressions and unstable pronunciation, suffering from the title of “poor acting.” It is undeniable that she was able to continue her acting steadily by being cast in various works thanks to Apink‘s popularity.

Son Na-eun‘s own choice, which broke her promise with fans who made her who she is today, leaves some fans bitter.


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