The unexpected reaction of Knetz to the surprising joint business of YG and Big Hit

 What do Knetz think of the K-pop industry’s most surprising collaboration today between YG Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment?

 Perhaps today, the news that many Kpop fans can not believe the most is that YG Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment have confirmed that they have a business partnership. On January 27, YG confirmed that they had completed an agreement to strengthen a strategic partnership with Big Hit. Accordingly, the two companies are expecting to strengthen their partnership to develop in different business areas such as platform applications, distribution and other contents.

the surprising joint business of YG and Big Hit

 Through this partnership, YG will expand the global reach and artist’s influence through Big Hit’s Weverse platform. This means that in the future we will be able to see YG artists using Weverse.

 In addition, Big Hit has also invested 70 billion won in YG PLUS, a subsidiary of YG specializing in content creation and distribution of goods. Specifically, YG PLUS will cooperate with Big Hit in the distribution of albums and digital music of Big Hit artists as well as sales of official merchandise. This also means that Big Hit artist’s albums and goods will soon be distributed by YG PLUS and even engaged in content creation.

the surprising joint business of YG and Big Hit

In response to this news, the general reaction of the public has been wild.  Many people feel extremely surprised because two companies that seem to be “enemies” like YG and Big Hit can “join force” for development and business cooperation.

 After receiving this information, the general reaction of international fans of the two companies seems not to be very positive. Since YG and Big Hit fans have had many ‘wars’ when artists compete for achievements, of course it will be difficult for fans to accept this collab. Some Knetz react similarly, even criticizing Big Hit for  being greedy or hating on YG for being “scandalous”, which does not fit Big Hit’s image.

 Some comments of Knetz:

 – I don’t like this collaboration at all!

 – Big Hit please take care of your artists.

 – There are many companies, why YG? I don’t like YG.

 – Big Hit is being greedy again!

 – Do YG agree with the money?  70 billion won but little.

 – No way!!  Why would Big Hit join forces with that drug store!

 – What was BigHit thinking?!

the surprising joint business of YG and Big Hit

 However, the most surprising is that the negative reactions are only coming from a minority of Knetz.  On Korean online forums, this news received many positive comments, even somewhat interesting.  Many Knetz said that although this news was quite ‘shocking’, it is generally good news – showing that big entertainment companies can get rid of ‘hostility’ to work together and help Kpop reach out to the world.

 In addition, most of Knetz also believe that there is no reason to criticize this joint business, especially when it focuses on the business sector, not that artists will actually work together. They think that this is completely mutually beneficial because each company has its own ‘weaknesses’ to overcome: YG artists will interact better with fans thanks to Weverse, and Big Hit’s albums and goods will be improved in terms of quality like YG’s products.

 Some comments of Knetz:

 – This is a win for both!!

 – The hateful comments probably come from those who lost the ability to read?

 – YG is famous for good quality goods. I think this is a win-win partnership.

 – This is great, I want to see BLACKPINK interacting with fans on Weverse.

 – If you don’t like this, just ignore, I personally find this is the ultimate collaboration.

 – Wow, now I can look forward to BTS and TXT albums and goods. BLACKPINK’s goods make me extremely jealous.

 – YG PLUS’s goods are great, while Big Hit has disappointed me lately. Good cooperation!

 – I don’t understand why people  some people criticize, I find this joint business would bring a lot of benefits.

 – Fans of other companies should not be jealous anonymously! If you don’t like it, then try to boycott YG and Big Hit artists.

 – YG artists can interact more with fans, Big Hit goods can also be better. This is a win-win situation.

 – YG’s goods are great! Good job, please improve the quality of Big Hit goods!

the surprising joint business of YG and Big Hit

 And you, how do you feel about the news that YG cooperated with Big Hit?  In your opinion, is this an unreasonable collaboration or appropriate for mutual benefits?  Please share your thoughts.

Sources: tinnhac

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