Lee Young-ae was recently seen at a cathedral in Europe?… She accompanied her daughter who performed with a choir

The reason why actress Lee Young-ae was recently seen visiting a European cathedral has been revealed.

While Lee Young-ae made headlines as she was spotted at a cathedral in Europe, not in Korea, it was confirmed through a report by OSEN on August 3rd that the reason she went to Europe was because of her daughter, who is a “singing angel”.

lee young ae

According to the report, the Korea Kinderchor of Vienna Boys Choir Academy, including Lee Young-ae’s daughter Jung Seung-bin, recently performed at the U.N Office in Vienna, Austria. Lee Young-ae accompanied her daughter to the event. 

Lee Young Ae

It was a peace prayer concert that deliver a message praying not only for world peace but also for Ukrainian children suffering from the devastating war. Sung by the angels, the performance touched many people. The choir will visit and perform at St.Stephen’s Cathedral, Salzburg Cathedral, St. Peter’s Cathedral, Vienna Boys’ Choir Camp, etc. in Austria. 

Earlier on August 2nd, Lee Young-ae drew attention as she posted on her Instagram Story a video of her listening to a choir’s song at a cathedral in Europe along with the caption “Peace Concert”. 

Lee Young Ae

The video showing the actress enjoying the song that makes her feel at peace gave a moment of healing to netizens. Lee Young-ae’s report on her whereabouts after 7 months raised fans’ curiosity. 

Lee Young-ae, who is often known as a “good deeds angel”, has a special love for children. She donated hundreds of millions of won to pediatric patients and medical staff. Last year, she was known to have visited the graveyard of the late Jung-in together with her twin children and conveyed their condolences. 

lee young ae

It is said that Lee Young-ae has taken the initiative in participating in charity events and donation activities in Vienna after the choir finish their performances. 

Meanwhile, Lee Young-ae married businessman Jung Ho-young in 2009 and has twin children. She made her first return to the small screen after 4 years through JTBC’s drama “Inspector Koo”, which aired last year, and received favorable reviews for her new appearance.

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