Suzy’s favorite hairstyle is surprisingly the one that netizens were most divided on

 “If I have a chance to cut my hair short in another work, I will definitely do it”, said Suzy. 

It is not without reason that Suzy is called “Nation’s First Love” throughout the years. Her sweet and innocent beauty, cute but still chic aura, is not easy to find in any other idols and actresses. Therefore, regardless of styling, Suzy still looks flawless and attractive in her own ways. Whether as an actress or an idol, Suzy frequently changes up her hairstyle to refresh her image. 


Public opinions are divided on which styles suit her best. Some may say she looks her best with long hair, others find her short style to be no less pretty. Among the countless hairstyles Suzy has experimented with, which one is her favorite? The answer is found in her sharing in MMTG with the show’s host Jae Jae. When the MC laid out the choices to Suzy to pick her most favorite hairstyle, Suzy immediately made her choice, surprising many people. 

The three hairstyles recommended by the MC carried 3 different styles, associated with her images in 3 different eras. 

The first one was her recent viral low-bun hairstyle. Appearing on the shooting set, Suzy flexed her sharp look, soft yet powerful and prestigious low-bun hair-do. Her uneven-parting made her appearance stronger, deviating from her everyday sweet look. 


The second hairstyle was the hairdo Suzy had during Miss A’s “Love Song” promotion. It would not be exaggerated to say this was the peak of Suzy’s beauty where her sexiness and modern youthfulness were combined. Her wavy long hair created an appealing prestige, along with the dark hair color that complemented her pearl-white complexion. 

Lee Jong Suk Suzy

Her third, and the hairstyle that drew the most divided opinions, was the bob cut Suzy had when she played the female lead in fantasy-romance drama “While You Were Sleeping”. Some claimed Suzy lost her main character aura in short hair, while others thought she looked gorgeous notwithstanding the hairstyle. 


Although each style resembled one of her most stunning visual eras, marking a change of hair style, once asked to choose, without any hesitation, Suzy picked the layered bob cut that once received divisive opinions. 

Her short hair style was a layered bob-cut that reached her chin. This is a basic hairstyle often found in young girls who want to pursue a youthful and energetic look. 


Many said that it was Suzy’s beautiful features that salvaged the hairstyle. The claim was strengthened by the fact that not many people could successfully pull the look as it made the wearer look more masculine and less feminine.


Suzy also said she was ready to cut her hair short at any time. Yet, she could not do so at that moment. Because she was pursuing her acting career, she needed to wear her hair long so the styling would be easier and she would look more befitting for the role. However, Suzy stressed, “If I have a chance to cut my hair short in another work, I will definitely do it”. 

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