This actress, who used to be the youngest member of a girl group, amazes fans with her mature appearance in sexy fashion 

Actress Kang Mi-na, a former member of girl group Gugudan, revealed her current situation with a mature atmosphere.

Kang Mi-na posted on her Instagram several photos taken during her trip to Saipan on August 6th.

The released pictures show Kang Mi-na wearing a leopard print dress and doing various poses. She caught the eyes of fans and netizens by showing off her perfect body and straight shoulders in low-cut fashion full of sexy vibe. The actress also flaunted her unique charm like fresh fruit with a flower on her ear and lovely expressions.

kang mina instagram

Kang Mi-na then drew attention to her skinny body in a yellow dress with a revealing back. In particular, her small face and distinctive facial features drew admiration as they gave off a pure and fresh atmosphere.

kang mina instagram

As soon as Kang Mi-na released her photos, fellow celebrities responded enthusiastically. Hye-ri asked, “Where did you go?”. Kim Se-jeong said, “Wow, Mi-na ah~ baby ah~. When did you become this beautiful?”, while Choi Yoo-jung commented, “Ha, so pretty”. Actor Kwak Si-yang also said, “Where are the stickers? I’m going to cover you up”.

kang mina instagram

Born in 1999, Kang Mi-na is 23 years old this year and she became famous after working as a member of girl groups I.O.I and Gugudan. However, after Gugudan disbanded on December 31st, 2020, Kang Mi-na turned to acting. She is starring in KBS2’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Café Minamdang” as Nam Hye-joon.

Source: wikitree

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