BLACK PINK Jennie ranked #1 on the girl group’s personal brand chart of April, Jang Won-young is #2

BLACK PINK Jenniey ranked #1 through the analysis of the big data archive of girl group’s personal brand reputation in April 2019, followed by Jang Won-young and third-ranked Ahn Yoo-jin.

The brand reputation index is an indicator made through the analysis of big data with the purpose of finding the influence of online habits of consumers which affect their brand consumption.

In April 2019, 30 names who appear in the ranking of girl group’s individual brand reputation are BLACK PINK Jennie, IZONE Jang Won-young, IZONE Ahn Yoo-jin, IZONE Miyawaki Sakura, IZONE Kim Min-ju, BLACK PINK Jisoo, AOA Hye-jung, IZONE Jo Yu-ri, IZONE Kwon Eun-bi, TWICE Jihyo, IZONE Lee Chae-yeon, IZONE Choi Yee-na, MOMOLAND Yeonwoo, IZONE Kim Chae-won, IZONE Kang Hye-won, TWICE Momo, Girls Generation Taeyeon, IZONE Yabuki Nako, BLACK PINK Rosé, BLACK PINK Lisa, IZONE Honda Hitomi, GFriend Sin-B, Red Velvet Irene, MOMOLAND Nancy, TWICE Sana, TWICE Nayeon, GFriend Sowon, Oh My Girl Seunghee, DIA Jung Chaeyeon, Girls Generation Yoona.

#1 BLACK PINK Jennie was analyzed to have a brand reputation index of 4,024,208,208, with participation index 556,227, media index of 720,473, communication index of 1,769,164, community index of 978,343. Compared with her brand reputation index in March which was 3,669,916, it has increased by 9.65% in April 2019.

The second-largest brand, IZ*ONE Jang Won-young, received a brand reputation index of 3,977,429, with its participation index of 1,065,016, media index of 738,760, communication indes of 738,760 and community index of 638,611. Compared with her brand reputation index of 1,125,268 in March 2019, it rose 253.47%.

Goo Chang-hwan – director of The Korea Institute of Corporate Criticism – said, “BLACK PINK Jennie who ranked No.1 in the girl group’s personal brand reputation in April 2019, received mostly the words of “cute, unique, and charming” in her link analysis, while “Billboard, YouTube and KILL THIS LOVE” appeared the most in keyword analysis. The positive ratio is 73.51%.

Sources: Nate

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