BIGBANG T.O.P Won’t Make Space Trip This Year as SpaceX Craft Development Delayed

T.O.P garnered attention by participating in the Dear Moon Project

BIGBANG’s T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun), who had garnered attention for his participation in the Dear Moon project, where he was set to travel to the moon aboard a SpaceX spacecraft, is now making headlines as news of the spacecraft’s development delay has emerged.

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Kim Sung-soo, a professor of space exploration at Kyung Hee University, appeared on YTN’s ‘News Wide’ on October 1st and revealed, “We have already signed a contract for a space trip around the moon on a rocket called Starship. When you look at the time we originally signed the contract, we should have already gone, but due to a slight delay in SpaceX’s Starship development, it seems impossible to go this year, even though we initially planned to.”

He added, “It seems like it will happen in a few years, and Big Bang’s T.O.P is also part of it. Originally, when going on Falcon 9, there could only be about 2-3 co-passengers, but with the change to Starship, the number of co-passengers has increased, allowing up to 18 more people to go. So, Maezawa Yusaku publicly recruited artists of various genres worldwide.”

Professor Kim explained, “If you write why you should be included in this space trip and convince us, we will take you along. Various artists will go together. Why artists in particular? Maezawa Yusaku himself has also been an artist who has engaged in music activities, but it is known that the goal is to have artists of various genres go to the moon and then return to Earth to convey their experiences as art to the people on Earth.”

t.o.p bigbang

In May, T.O.P had previously shared updates about his upcoming space journey. In the photos, T.O.P was seen wearing a uniform with the NASA logo and a VIP pass around his neck, beaming with excitement about the upcoming moon trip.

The “Dear Moon” project was initiated by Japanese billionaire Maezawa Yusaku, aiming to be the first civilian lunar flight. It involves approximately a six-day trip orbiting the moon aboard a SpaceX-developed spacecraft.

T.O.P had expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “Being selected as a ‘Dear Moon’ project crew member is a tremendous honor. Since I was a child, I have always had a great fascination with space and the moon. Through this project, I hope for personal growth and look forward to experiencing new stimulation and enlightenment.”

In addition to T.O.P, various artists from different countries and fields, including DJ, producer, photographer, documentary maker, actor, musician, and YouTuber, have also been selected for the project.

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