”The more you love, the more you look alike” HyunA and Kim Hyojong, lover of sweet Paris

Lovely pictorial of the couple HyunA and Kim Hyojong, who has been the talk of the public for many days through their sweet lovestagram, have been revealed.

“Dazed” Korea, a British licensed fashion and color magazine, released a special pictorial with the confident love of HyunA and Hyojong couple in its January 2019 issue.

The shooting, which took place at an old house outside Paris, combined the charm of the popular couple HyunA, Hyojong and Dazed, to create a pictorial full of peculiar beauty that was hard to find anywhere else.

In particular, HyunA and Hyojong gave off the same feeling, presented the top fashionable couple’s look, perfectly digesting various styles of clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories.

Meanwhile, during the photo shoot schedule, HyunA & Hyojong revealed the scene of the shooting through SNS in real time and actively communicated with fans.

The faces of all those in love are as beautiful as ever. “Come on in, to our world. Amor Fati” – most current HyunA and Hyojong pictorial – can be seen in the 2019 January issue of ‘Dazed’ Korea.

Source: Nate

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