Big Hit’s trainee Leo leaves debut group… “I decided that I need some time to stop”

Leo of Trainee A, a group of trainees from Big Hit Music under HYBE LABELS, announced his departure from the debut group.

On August 25th, an “A-road” epilogue video titled “Hello, this is Leo” was posted on Trainee A’s YouTube channel.

In the video, Leo greeted viewers then said, “It’s been a while to be talking to you. I’m sure some of you have been worrying about me, and some of you might have been wondering where I was. I’m sorry there weren’t any updates.”

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He explained, “I have been a trainee for three years and a half. This past three and a half years started since I was 17 years old, so it felt really long. I made many good memories and learned a lot. The company has watched out for me. I was still young when I came to Korea so they took special care of me. I feel really grateful about that. I met a lot of trainee friends during my trainee days, including our Trainee A friends. I made so many memories with them, so many unforgettable memories.”

He confessed, “But on the other hand, during those three and a half years, the worries I’ve had kept getting bigger. I tried to hide them from others, but the worries kept growing with time until I couldn’t even control them. I kept talking with the company about which direction I should take.”


He then declared that he would drop out, saying, “The conclusion I made was… Rather than going on with Trainee A, I decided that I need some time to stop.”

Leo continued, “I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time, and I knew this decision would affect a lot of people, so I had trouble expressing myself as much as I’d like. I’m very sorry to the members because we’ve been together for so long and we were all working towards the same goal.”


He apologized, “I’m so sorry that I’m quitting. The company took care of me for years and supported me and rooted for me. I’m very sorry that I’m leaving like this. And above all, I’m sorry to all of you who have loved and supported the seven Trainee A members.”

Finally, Leo added, “I’m going to keep on rooting for Trainee A, so I hope you keep supporting them too. Whatever I end up doing, I’m going to do my best and I hope I get to meet the Trainee A members again. So please, cheer for me until that day comes.”

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