Song Hye Kyo’s famous lines in “The Glory” compiled by Netflix

Netflix highlighted the impactful lines of Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) in “The Glory”.

On January 7th, Netflix posted several photos with the caption, “Every line is glorious. Let’s rewatch ‘The Glory’ to think more deeply about the lines that make us want to remember every word”.

The released pictures summarize the famous lines of the main character Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) in the drama.

Song Hye Kyo-the glory

The first line is “From now on, every single day will be a nightmare. They’ll be provocative and terrifying. You can’t stop me or make me disappear. I’m planning on becoming a very old rumor of yours” (Episode 3). 

Song Hye Kyo-the glory

There are also “I think about her (Yeon Jin) every day. Some hatred resembles longing. It’s impossible to get rid of” (Episode 1), “By the way, Jae Joon ah. You wouldn’t know what ‘colorful’ means” (Episode 4), “I learned Go very quickly, Yeon Jin ah. I had a clear purpose. The game is won by taking territories your opponent carefully built. It’s beautiful” (Episode 4), “Don’t apologize. I didn’t bet my teenage years, twenties, and thirties on this just for an apology. You need to get punished. Criminal punishment if God’s on your side, and divine punishment if God’s on my side” (Episode 5), “I want you to wilt away slowly, over a long period of time. Let’s slowly wilt and die together, Yeon Jin ah. I’m so excited right now” (Episode 5), etc.

Song Hye Kyo-the glory

Meanwhile, “The Glory’ tells the story of a woman, whose soul was broken due to the experience of school violence during her childhood, spending her whole life carefully planning revenge and those who fall into the whirlwind of her revenge.

Source: Nate

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