In light of Zheng Shuang’s child abuse scandal, blogger unveiled more shocking details

Zheng Shuang’s child abuse scandal is now the talk of the town.

On January 7, reports that Zheng Shuang had abused her twin children sparked outrage among internet users. The actress, according to Zhang Heng’s claim, reportedly hurt her daughter, requiring five stitches on her finger. She is also accused of burning her son near his nose. As a result, both kids exhibited dread and resisted being close to their mother.

Netizens also discovered that Zheng Shuang submitted a covert application for a white card for her kids. This is a health insurance assistance program for low-income people in the US. The two kids’ ability to apply to prestigious institutions will be severely hampered by the usage of this card. The credit scores of the two children will also be impacted if it is determined that the registration is false.

Zheng Shuang
Zhang Heng accused Zheng Shuang of applying for white cards for his kids without discussing or negotiating with him.

Notably, earlier, Zheng Shuang identifies herself as a big star in China and that she owned a huge fortune. She also said that her clothes, shoes, and bags are all luxury brands. The actress even firmly affirmed that even if she did not have a job, she could still fully provide for her two children in material terms. However, the audience believes that Zheng Shuang has gone bankrupt after paying a fine of 299 million yuan for tax evasion.

Zheng Shuang

However, an entertainment blogger unexpectedly made further shocking revelations regarding the actress’ controversy. According to the source, Zhang Heng pleaded with Zheng Shuang to forgive him his 20 million yuan debt, but they were unable to come to a deal. This businessman decided to pressure Zheng Shuang’s side by making the information widely known on social media.

Zhang Heng filed a complaint against Zheng Shuang for abusing his children in June 2022 but was rejected by the hospital and the court. On January 9, the court for custody of their children will continue to take place in Denver, USA.

zheng shuang
zheng shuang
Zhang Heng has accused Zheng Shuang of abusing his children since June 2022, but these allegations have been denied by the US hospital and police.

Source: k14

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