Big Hit Music released an official announcement about V’s calf muscle injury

BTS V will not join the group’s dance performance in today’s concert due to his injury.

At around 2:41 P.M on October 24th, V’s agency, Big Hit Music, posted an announcement, saying, “We would like to inform about V’s performance at BTS’s scheduled concert today.”

bts v

The company continued, “V got a pain in his calf muscles during the rehearsal on the evening of October 23rd. He was taken to a nearby hospital to receive examination and treatment. As a result, the medical staff advised that although there was no problem in V’s bones, he should refrain from doing powerful movements for the time being.

Even though the artist strongly wished to participate in the concert performances himself, we decided to follow the advice from medical staff and minimize V’s movements at today’s concert. Please understand our decision to let V join the stages by sitting on a chair and not performing any choreography.”

BTS is scheduled to hold an online concert called “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” today.

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