Lee Min Ho’s top-notch visual captures fans’ hearts

Lee Min Ho has “crushed” the hearts of many fangirls thanks to his incomparably handsome visual. 

Lee Min Ho is considered one of the most good-looking actors of the Hallyu wave. Over the years he still retains a great influence throughout Asia. The factor that contributes a lot to his success is certainly his masculine, handsome, and prince-like appearance. At the age of over 30, the actor still maintains his mature, gorgeous appearance, even becoming more and more stylish. 

Most recently, the actor has managed to capture fangirls’ hearts thanks to his eye-catching magazine photoshoot. From the close-up shots to pictures showing off his model-like long legs, he made every pose look extremely attractive and charming. With a height of 1m87, a tall, perfect figure, and a handsome face with no dead angles, Lee Min Ho once again affirmed that his top visual is hard to compare.

His perfect figure allows him to perfectly execute even difficult poses.
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