The tragic fate of CLC: had to confirm the group’s disbandment on a survival show

Despite their talent and amazing music, the CUBE girl group did not have the same success as (G)I-DLE, and their story ended in tragedy since they were unable to live up to the expectations.

Yujin (CLC) is one of the most prominent contestants on Mnet’s new survival show-Girls Planet 999. Initially a member of CLC, the group has several remarkable songs, but Yujin still has to compete in a survival show after 7 years of operation. The reason is that CLC hasn’t had the same level of success as other CUBE groups like 4MINUTE or (G)I-DLE.

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Up to now, it can be seen that even CUBE has neglected CLC. On the latest episode of Girls Planet 999 on August 13, Yujin shared her group’s current situation. With tears in her eyes, she announced that the group had disbanded.

“The company said that the team was dismissed. I’ve put in a lot of effort for CLC. I’d like to keep singing and showing myself to my followers “. 

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CLC is a girl group that debuted in 2015. Following the success of the senior girl group 4MINUTE, the public had high expectations for them. After releasing Black Dress, NO, Helicopter, CLC finally achieved belated success. However, that was not enough for the group to rise to fame and bring great profits.

Putting aside the group’s heartbreaking story, Yujin is currently one of the most prominent contestants on Girls Planet 999. In episode two, she performed Hyuna Sunbaenim’s Bubble Pop! and received a lot of praise from the judges. 

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