10 K-pop groups that have close relationships with each other

Despite working under different companies, K-pop idols like BTS, Blackpink or EXO… still build close friendships.

Here are 10 K-pop groups that get along really well.

1. BTS and EXO

Although EXO-L and ARMY do not get along well with each other, BTS and EXO are close friends. Jin has a good relationship with D.O while Jimin and Kai have a group of friends, Baekhyun and V also often take pictures together. Jin even attended the press conference to launch the drama Pure Love, which starred D.O.

2. Blackpink and Red Velvet

BlackVelvet” is a very famous keyword in the K-pop fan community, which refers to the friendship between Blackpink and Red Velvet. They are so close that they often hang out together.

3. CLC and Dreamcatcher

These two girl groups have become friends since both groups carried out promotional activities in February 2019. CLC and Dreamcatcher members even prepared birthday presents for each other and often took pictures together. Fans are looking forward to the collaboration between these two talented girl groups.

4. Monsta X and Seventeen

In 2015, Monsta X and Seventeen had a perfect collaboration at the MAMA Awards. Since then, the two groups are often referred to as “Monteen” by fans because they have really made friends and always support each other.

5. Mamamoo and Apink

Although they are two groups of different generations, Mamamoo and Apink are very close because they are of the same age, especially members Moonbyul, Solar, Chorong and Bomi. In addition to meeting each other on the music stage, Mamamoo and Apink once recorded videos of them having meals together and interacting with fans.

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